One of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Europe is Germany. It is a country full of ancient castles, great food, and interesting cultural markers. Club Resort Intervals knows that it is a great destination for many different travelers and for those headed to Europe on a tour, or for those who are hoping to find an interesting spot to visit, Germany can be great fun. So that you can have a fantastic trip when you travel to Germany, Club Resort Intervals offers these great money saving tips.

  • Eat on the Cheap: Believe it or not, Germany has great hearty food at a very low price. Hitting a food cart for a sausage, or grabbing a sandwich will only cost you a few bucks, and if you have the ability to make your own food on you trip instead of eating out, you will only have to shell out about $50 a week, much lower than normal vacation food costs. If you really want to save some money, there are many restaurants that serve Asian or Middle Eastern food that are even cheaper than some of the German style eateries.
  • Sightseeing: Many of the big German cities have tours that will take you to all the most important sites in the area. Better yet, many of these tours are free. This is a great way to take in the history of the country and take in the culture.
  • Early Train: Getting a train in Germany is actually really expensive, and should be avoided if you can find a cheaper mode of transportation. However, if you need to use the train, or it is the most convenient transportation available, you should book a week or more in advance, and you can get a huge discount on your ticket.

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When you’re traveling, it is tempting to eat out for every meal and snack on junk food wherever you go. However, Club Resort Intervals knows that while indulging a bit is fine, you do not want to eat out too much while on vacation or your may be going home several pounds heavier. Additionally, eating out can add up quickly, especially when you are paying for both meals and snacks. Making you own meals on vacation is a great idea when possible, but even if you cannot cook, you can pack your own snacks, and you should. If you are not sure what to pack, Club Resort Intervals provides this list of great snack foods to bring on a trip.

  • Homemade trail mix: this is a great snack to have, and you can make it super healthy by bulking it up with nuts and seeds, and the protein from them will fill you up faster than other snack foods as well. You can also customize it if you make it yourself and include your favorite components. Also, it’s easy to travel with since it is dry and does not need refrigeration.
  • Popcorn: A great light, healthy snack that everyone loves. The kind bought in theme parks is not nearly as good for you and will cost you more. See if your accommodations have microwave available. If they do, popcorn bags are easy to pack and it will make the perfect snack while you are out and about.
  • Dried fruits: if you want some fruit in your vacation diet but have no way of keeping it cool and fresh, opt for dried fruit. It is easy to carry and will last much better without a cooler than fresh fruit or veggies will. There is a lot of variety so you can find something that everyone likes and form fruit chips to fruit leather.


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Australia is a country with lots of different cultures, terrains, and settings, but the center of it all is of course its largest city Sydney. There are lots of fun things to do in the city, as well as some great sites. Club Resort Intervals knows that Sydney is a fantastic vacation destination for all travelers, especially those traveling abroad. If you are planning a visit to Sydney, it will not be complete without a visit to the Sydney Opera House.

If you go to Sydney and do not stop by the Opera House, you have missed out. This is one of the most famous sites in the entire world, and definitely the most popular attraction in Sydney. Just seeing the building itself and snapping some shots is a great idea, but that’s not all that it offers. Seeing a show at the opera house, for example, is an unforgettable experience. There are also guided tours available where you can learn about the building and see it behind the scenes. Additionally, Vivid Sydney is an event not to be missed. This is a free annual event that uses the buildings of Sydney as canvas as for light sculptures and art. The Opera House is no exception, and when it is illuminated with light from the show, it is truly a sight to see. There event includes music and other activities as well.

Club Resort Intervals also reminds travelers that just a short distance from the Opera House itself are a number of other things that travelers can enjoy. There is a botanical garden walk that takes place along the harbor and goes by the Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor where the Opera House is located is additionally a great spot to visit. You can even take a ferry to see the Sydney Opera House from afar.

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Ireland is a beautiful travel destination boasting greenery as far as the eye can see, beautiful waters, and some great historical atmosphere. This is a must see for many vacationers, so Club Resort Intervals wants to make sure that anyone traveling there has the best experience available. To help you on your Ireland vacation, here are some great travel tips.

  • Snacks: A great way to experience Irish culture is through the food, and not just the big meals. Stop by small shops and get your hands on some local favorite snacks to get a look at how their snack food differs from your own. There are even differences in brands that you see state side, so enjoy checking out what treats there are to try.
  • Ask Locals: The locals of Ireland are going to know what the best places to see are, so do not be afraid to ask. Getting their input will help you experience Ireland without getting stuck in crowded tourist areas or trying to get through the whole country in too short a time. You want to see Ireland the way that they see it to really understand the beauty of the country.
  • Know how to get around: Club Resort Intervals wants travelers to know that the roads in Ireland are small and there can be delays, so always give yourself some extra time to get from one area to the next. Also, make sure that you bring walking shoes since Ireland is the ideal spot to go out on your own and explore the wilderness.

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Club Resort Intervals knows that three are a number of fantastic and desirable travel destinations all over Europe, and for many, taking a trip there is a dream come true. Every vacation there should be fun an enjoyable, and if you are thinking about a European trip, Club Resort Intervals wants it to be fantastic and offers these tips on how to prepare for a trip to Europe and make it amazing.

  • Pick the best transportation: You can always hire a car when you are abroad, but there are other options as well. Going by train from destination to destination if a great way to see the areas that you are visiting, and can get you from one country to another without the hassle of air travel. Taking buses around your location can also be a better and less expensive option than going by car.
  • Make Reservations: If there are specific sites you want to see, tours you want to take, or restaurants that you want to eat at, you should book in advance. Popular sites fill up fast and you may not get in or will have to wait a long time to get in, having a reservation will get you in fast and prevent you from spending your whole trip waiting.
  • Get your phone ready: Make sure that you are able to call internationally so that you can keep in touch with loved ones back home. Additionally, look into some apps that will help make your travel around Europe easier to navigate and that can give you tips on things to see and do.

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Hollywood has long been a place of fun and excitement for many travelers. It is the home of the stars, and its culture is full of glamour and film history. Club Resort Intervals knows that now more than ever Hollywood is a great place for travel with many amazing things to do. For you Next trip to Hollywood, consider some of these.

  • Studio Tours: There are several different tours that travelers can get in on when they visit Hollywood. By taking one of these, they can get a behind the scenes look at how movie magic is made and see sets and effects from some of their favorite TV shows and films. If you are the kind of person who always watches the special features disk, this is for you.
  • See a live filming: If you happen to be around during filming season, and have a couple of hours to spare, Club Resort Intervals recommends trying to get into a filming. Many television shows have live studio audiences and if you plan it in advance you can be in one of them. Imagine seeing one of your favorite show close up and catching all the behind the scenes fun. This can be a blast, so check it out!
  • Grauman’s Chinese Theater: This is a Hollywood classic! For years you have seen people in media visit this spot, and now you should check it out. The best part about this site is of course the foot and handprints that have been immortalized of some of the world’s most famous actors. You can spend hours of free fun finding the spots comparing you shoe size to those of Hollywood legends.

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When families think of taking a trip to certain resorts, they often think that these locations are better suited for adults only.  If they do this, they are depriving their kids of a great opportunity. Club Resort Intervals wants vacationers to know that there are many things that kids can enjoy when they are traveling to a resort. Businesses often recognize that families are a great source of income and do many things to welcome the kids. Here are some tips to make traveling with children at resorts a little easier.

  • Single parents traveling with kids – If a parent decides to take their child out of the country along with them without the other parent, they need to have a notarized letter signed by both parents granting permission for the child to enter or exit the country. This also is needed for anyone under the age of 18 traveling without both parents in most places, so do research online to find out if this is necessary.
  • Food allergies – Club Resort Intervals says that if a child has any food allergies, it’s important to make sure that they have their medication. If leaving the country, try learning a few phrases to ask questions about what is included in the meals you child eats to avoid any issues. Also, try carrying pre-made snacks in a purse or diaper bag in case they get hungry on-the-go.
  • Insurance – Keep a copy of your health insurance card with you at all times in case of any emergency. Also take time to make sure that your insurance will be accepted before you travel.

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Explore Long Beach California with Club Resort Intervals

Explore Long Beach California with Club Resort Intervals

Club Resort Intervals believes that Long Beach, California is a great possible travel destination for many people who are looking for great new places to experience. The city is one that is very involved in life by the sea, so lovers of sailing or marine life are especially encouraged to visit this city and the attractions that they provide that surround these interests. Visitors to this area can see the legendary Queen Mary ship, visit Aquarium of the Pacific to observe deep see life, or be fascinated as they go whale watching on the coast. There are many other great things to do in this area and it is a great destination to explore.

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Club Resort Intervals, a leading provider of vacation fulfillment services, knows for any people  who planning a vacation this summer, friends and family who are common travelers often claim to have the best advice to help them enjoy their experience. Even with this helpful information, sometimes there are even simple things they may have forgotten. Here are some of the most forgotten tips that will really help a person have the best time and also be the most prepared for any vacation.

  • Pack your sunscreen – For those who plan on spending time at the beach this summer, make sure that you are protected from the sun. A bad sunburn can happen in a very short time and it could cause you to ruin much of your trip. A good rule of thumb is to apply any time you will be in the sun for more than a half hour, even if just walking around sightseeing.
  • Pack appropriate clothes –There are many times when someone has an idea of what the weather will be like and turn out to be wrong. Club Resort Intervals recommends travelers research the local weather conditions at the time of the trip in order to plan accordingly.
  • Learn a few basic terms – If leaving the country, It is both polite and helpful to learn a few basic phrases of the local language before you go. Plus, it can be fun to challenge yourself to try new things.

Taking the time to utilize some of these tips is one way to ensure you enjoy your travels this summer.

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Club Resort Intervals shares that located in northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is by far the most famous landmark of the state. It has formed and developed over millions of years. More than simply a giant hole in the ground, the Grand Canyon attracts thousands of tourist from around the world each year.  It is approximately a four hour drive from Phoenix with lodging options and a visitor’s center to learn more about this remarkable natural wonder. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a special event that should be experienced by everybody at least once in a lifetime.

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